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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NEW ALBUM "Uncontrolled" Live Painting Movie@Tokyo・Shinjyuku / 安室奈美恵 (Namie Amuro)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SNSD Can't Pronounce "TAXI" {Mr removed} SNSD - Mr. Taxi

At 0:34 to 0:37, when the chores pronouncing the word "TAXI", I heard someone sang "TERXE"4 TIMES.
AT 1:34 TO 1:38, same.
At 2:50 to 2:53, it the same ting happened.
At 2:57 to 3:00 again with the same pronounce "TERUXE".
It was as if they can't pronounce the "TAXI" word correctly or similar.
I think it is SNSD's leader, Taeyeon who pronounce the "TAXI" TO "TERRXE".
I think that they have done this song so many time, even in their Japan concerts. Why are the girls still making such a mistake repeatedly.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

BEWARE! Actress, Aiko Ito 皆藤愛子 and her mother were nearly abducted by a South Korean Taxi Driver

Description of this video:
She is Japanese TV actress and she said
When she and her mother took a taxi in Korea,Korean taxi driver tried to take them to the place which they didnt want to go.She said dark place which means like under the express way or kind of back side of the building.
Then she said We go out!

PT:  BEWARE! For ALL female viewers, please very careful in foreign's land. Especially, "NOT ALONE!"
Statistics Shown:
- Rape / White Paper on Crime]

1,402 of Japan (2010)

9,883 of Korea (2009)

* The number of Korean and about 26,300 of the ratio fixed in the population, 18.7 times in Japan. Korea is a very dangerous country, K-visit to Korea by two strokes on the image Poppi is very dangerous. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AKB48, EXILE, and more receive a letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On October 25th, artists who attended “The 2nd Japan-Vietnam Friendship Music Festival~Kono Heiwa wo Yume mite~” in Hanoi, Vietnam earlier this month visited the Prime Minister’s official residence, where they received a letter of appreciation from two notable public figures: Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura Osamu and Sugi Ryotaro, the special ambassador for Japan and Vietnam.
This letter was drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to thank those artists who participated in the music festival for their significant contributions to the cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam. The Minister for Foreign Affairs was originally supposed to hand out the documents, however the Chief Cabinet Secretary did it instead due to scheduling conflicts.
At the ceremony, 15 artists including Godai NatsukoAKB48’s Takahashi Minami and Watanabe MayuKoda KumiEXILEAAA, and w-inds. attended.
As the group’s representative, EXILE’s HIRO said, “We are thankful to receive this honored letter. We will continue to try our best through entertainment. Also, I truly respect Sugi-san’s great feat.”
After the ceremony, AKB48’s Takahashi Minami commented, “I don’t think I will get another opportunity to visit this place [the prime minister's official residence] in my entire life.  I’m honored to receive this wonderful prize.”  She continued with a smile, “I was very nervous.”  Koda Kumi also said, “This is like a dream. Thank you very much.”
Source: Nikkan Sports
Image: TV Asahi

Super 7 New Album [press conference] Super 7 Bell Award Admiralty stage debut Teng Ai Ling leaves: RED! Super 7發片記者會 【金钟奖】Super 7 出道登金钟舞台 叶瑷菱:红了!

Yes Entertainment Taipei, October 20 "Taiwan version of girlhood" Super 7 song "Jimmy wordy" MV on the line four days, click rate is more than 380,000 people, so users are lively discussion from the new women's team, Some users poison tongue "is Taiwan", or even just straight said, "betel nut beauties", seven girls with respectThank you for concern: "betel nut beauties have their cute, we have our professional!"

Super 7 intensive training for his debut year, finally just made ​​films,but also boarded the Golden Bell Awards tomorrow, stageperformances, so that seven girls address him super-tight, they also said they would do the best preparation for tomorrow pleasewe wait and see! Great singer Ai Ling keeps complimenting olderleaves is difficult to get, a debut with high popularity, also jokedpopularity is higher than her, so she keeps complimenting Super 7: "red!"
Yes娱乐 10月20日台北报导 「台版少女时代」Super 7新歌《麦罗嗦》MV上线4天,点阅率更超过38万人次,让网友们热烈讨论起这个新的女子团体,更有网友毒舌「很台」,甚至直说就像「槟榔西施」,7个女生直言谢谢大家关心:「槟榔西施有他们的可爱,我们有我们的专业!」
Super 7为了出道密集训练一年,好不容易才刚发片,明天还要登上金钟奖的表演舞台,让7个女生直呼超紧张,她们更表示会做好最好的准备,明天就请大家拭目以待吧!歌坛大前辈叶瑷菱直夸很难得,一出道就拥有高人气,还笑说人气比她还高,让她直夸Super 7:「红了!」

HALLO TAIWAN! Here come the ZE:A, MBLAQ and Sistar to Perform at "2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert"


ZE:A, MBLAQ and Sistar are slated to visit Taiwan in November  to perform for the “2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert.” SHINee, who was supposed to be the finale act, will not be able to join the concert because of a conflict in the schedule.
The show was also postponed from its original intended staging in early October.
The event’s organizers have put out an announcement on their official website regarding this development, explaining the circumstances behind the changes in the concert line-up.
“We had originally agreed to have SHINee as the finale number, but we had to follow the schedule set forth on the artist’s side so we apologize that they cannot make it this year,” the announcement said. “We were very much focused on giving the audience a good show, and thus also apologize that the preparations have caused us to postpone the event.”
The organizers have also made known that they are not sure if MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is able to come to Taiwan, but assured the public that they are communicating with a representative to help facilitate Lee Joon’s schedule.
The organizers have likewise reassured full attention to those who have requested for a refund. However, they are currently closing their message boards, since it had become a vehicle for malicious attacks when it was intended to be a forum for fans to discuss and communicate regarding the event.
“2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert” will be held at Ban Qiao Stadium in Taipei on November 20.


Taiwanese SNSD Wannabes “Super 7” Spark Controversy with Cover Performance at Golden Bell Awards [才藝表演] Super 7 - HOOT

Super 7, the Taiwanese female group that has been accused of copying SNSD, has stirred up some more controversy lately following their recent performance at the prestigious Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. The video of their live performance, which was a cover of SNSD’s “Hoot,” shows the group dressed in the same outfit, following the same exact choreography as SNSD—only to be slightly off on some of the moves.

After seeing the video, netizens have questioned the real motive behind Super 7’s cover performance at such an important stage. In a lot of cases, when invited to sing at a big time event, most artists would sing their title track—not someone else’s cover song. Also, Super 7 has been at the center of controversy since their debut for having strikingly similar concepts and looks as SNSD. Netizens are arguing if Super 7 was truly concerned of any negative publicity, they would have been more careful with their song selection. Super 7’s title track, “Mai Luo Suo,” have also been under fire for featuring very similar costumes and overall concepts to that of SNSD’s “Hoot.”

A lot of netizens, including Taiwanese fans, voiced their disapproval as they said, “This is a Taiwanese awards show, not a show in Korea,” “The fact that they couldn’t perform to their own song means they’re not ready to be a true artist,” and “Why did you even debut?”

Founded in 1965, the Golden Bell Awards is an annual Taiwanese TV show award, sponsored by the Taiwanese government. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Taiwan, often called Taiwan’s equivalent to the Emmy Awards.

Here’s the video of their performance. It's a very close imitation but do you like it?
2011.10.21 National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
第46屆金鐘獎頒獎典禮邀請Super 7帶來的舞蹈才藝表演。
選用樂曲:HOOT(훗)by 少女時代
Super 7是台語歌壇最新推出的女子組合,團員10人,公開亮相選拔7人上陣。

KARA Copy L’Arc~en~Cie's Single Cover "XXX (Kiss Kiss Kiss)"

Album, “Super Girl”

L'Arc~en~Ciel - X X X

I think KARA's manager must be an "Idiot". You think you can change the colour and no one notice it. I could not believe that they copy the concept of  La' Cover Single album. Worst of all,  Kara actually went to the same program with L'Arc~enCiel in "MUSIC STATION". L'Arc~enCiel 's Lead singer, Hyde accidentally said that he like Kara's member leader,Nicole.
Does this mean that most Korean artists copy other world artists' concept? Or "I don't care everybody is copying each other's idea nowaday". Or "er... shit! Someone found out! Quick find an explanation".
You think about it and be the judge.


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